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If you are interested in applying for an aviation grant from the Western North Carolina Pilots Association Educational Foundation (WNCPAEF), please consider the following information.


Who is Eligible: You must live in Western North Carolina and have a keen, if not proven, interest in aviation and show a financial need.


Programs and Requirements: The WNCPAEF is offering grants in three programs described below. These programs encompass a wide range of aviation opportunities and allow for a varying degree of aviation experience from applicants.


Program A - Pilot Certificate or Rating: You must show a serious pursuit of a pilot certificate or rating (e.g., recreational to airline transport certificate, instrument rating, etc.). If you are seeking your first certificate, you should have soloed or passed a written test toward that certification or rating.


Program B - Pilot Familiarization: For individuals who have little or no experience in aviation. Recipients of a Program B grant are required to pay for the first $500 of flight time themselves and the WNCPAEF will provide a grant for the next $500 of flight training.


Program C - Aviation Mechanic or Avionics Repairman Certificate: You must show progress towards satisfying the requirements of the certificate you seek.


Grant Application Instructions

Read Carefully before starting


Grant application is online and must be completed before April 1, 2023. Grant applications sent via email or USPS will not be accepted. Click the link below and follow the instructions. You will have the ability to upload a single PDF during the application process. This PDF can be several pages, to include letters of recommendation, resume and any information you wish to share. The PDF is limited to 5MB or less. 

A free pdf document merge app is available at this link:

Submit only once. Recommend putting all of your information together prior to starting the application process.  You may be contacted for an interview. 




Questions regarding your application can be sent to: Applications sent to this email will not be accepted

Andy Guenette – Grant Coordinator



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