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Bob Herlin

   Bob is a native of southeast Texas and spent most of his career in Houston. He earned multiple degrees in engineering from Rice University and his MBA from Harvard.

   Bob’s primary work experience has been in energy, working for multiple private and public companies, and he started up a company in 2003 that he later took public and for which he continues to serve as Board Chairman, as well as a director of another public company. Bob moved to Asheville in 2014 and commuted to Houston for several years before retiring from full time employment.

   He earned his private pilot license in 1983 and his instrument rating in 1986, and then purchased and flew a C182 for several years. The arrival of children and work demands mostly halted further flying until after moving to Asheville. After regaining currency, Bob purchased a T182 and has been flying both regionally and back to Texas.


   His community involvements include working with a local elementary school and serving as a Guardian ad Litem, and joined the WNCPA Foundation in 2023.


   Bob also is an avid hiker and reader.

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