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Marla Larson

   Marla is a lifelong aviation enthusiast who enjoys flying with her husband Greg. In fact, her first flight in a single engine aircraft was on their date! Professionally, Marla is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, certified Health Coach and registered Yoga Instructor, working in her field for over 30 years. Over the course of her career, Marla has worked for some of the top teaching hospitals in the country and before semi-retiring, she served as the manager of the local Cardiopulmonary Rehab program.  Currently, Marla has returned to the workforce, helping the Local Health Department combat the pandemic as a COVID Case Investigator.

   Marla holds a Master of Science Degree from California University of Pennsylvania in Health Sciences and Rehabilitation and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Sciences and Clinical Studies from Eastern Michigan University. She has been a professional member with the American College of Sports Medicine for 11 years.

   Marla volunteers as a member of the Patient Family Advisory Committee at HCA Mission Hospital and has served on the Western North Carolina Pilots Association Education Foundation since September 2019. 

   Marla enjoys travelling with her family, hiking, anything involving exercise and hanging out with their four dogs.

   She is proud to have served her country and is a United States Navy Veteran.

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